• In-patient departments

    In-patient departments

    What reserves 10 levels in other hospitals, in our case is concentrated in the small areas having all conveniences for patients, with the possibility to perform diagnostic procedures and efficient treatment on-the-job within in-patient and day-patient departments at a time of your convenience.


  • Advisory reception


    More than 70 doctors within 30 specialties have directed their efforts here. These figures represent outstanding, concerned, well-educated people, who eager and can grant help. They accompany patients at all the stages from initial consultation to hospital-based treatment as well as during high-tech operations.


  • Diagnostics


    The quality and safety are in conformity with the International Systems of Quality Management (ISO) thereby ensuring high professional grade of specialists, expert class of equipment, innovative approach, principle of evidence-based medicine, and definite completeness of diagnostic process.


  • Specialized centres

    Specialized centres

    This involves the entire system of structural, diagnostic, treatment and educative technologies focused on the specific problem in the treatment of neurological, ophthalmological, gynecological, gastroenterological, and many other diseases.