About the Centre

Regional Advisory and Diagnostic Centre(RADC) is the leading diagnostic and treatment institution in the South of Russia fitted with up-to-date equipment high-tech. State-of-the art medical diagnostic equipment expert class and high professional level of medical practitioners provide means for the most complex diseases detection at early stages as well as therapeutic approach determination and its efficiency control. Strong team of real professionals who are like-minded members includes 14 Health Care Classmen, 5 Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, 2 Doctor of Medical Science, 23 Candidate of Medical Science, 4 Candidate of Biological Science, 5 Chief External Expert of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. RADC is based on the newest information technologies: medical information system “eClinic”, electronic case report form of every patient storing all the findings of diagnostic and treatment measures, from the first admission to the centre. Doctors and patients hold transparent and complete information on diagnostic and treatment results. Provided medical services are subject to Quick Quality Control. Introduced in 2012 the System of Appointments Specially Reserved for the Prevention and Treatment Municipal and Regional Facilities (PTMRF) is RADC’s most innovative area of activity. Patient’s appointment as the part of this innovation takes place remotely via еClinic® medical information system’s web-portals within PTMRF. This helps to reduce waiting time at RADC’s registration desk. RADC healthcare level is continuously rising. We strive to the highest standards of native and foreign medicine. For seven years now the Centre has been working in Quality Management System that corresponds to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. This is the worldwide standard which requires the highest professionalism of staff, up-to-date approaches to the treatment and diagnostic process technologies and the organization. Regular internal audit, continuous self-examination, established feedback all over the territories stand as an inexhaustible resource for RADC’s activity improvement. Medical science is in raid evolution, and our capabilities seek to follow it, however, the only thing remaining unchanged is our philosophy and RADC team’s traditions: responsibility, passion and respect for the work and people.