Therapeutic Department

General Therapeutic Department of twenty-four hour stay is intended for the performance of integrated examination and the selection of patient’s therapy in diagnostically complicated cases, when the degree of disease manifestation is associated with continuous medical supervision. All the doctors of TDTD have outpatient reception hours at the consulting department, which maintains functional connection of the given two departments and enables the provision of stationary specialized medical care at general therapeutic beds within the following specializations:


  • therapy,
  • gastroenterology,
  • cardiology,
  • neurology,
  • pulmonology,
  • rheumatology,
  • endocrinology.

Operating priorities of the department:

  • patient's examination to a high professional standard in the shortest possible amount of time and maximally comfortable mode, using all the available diagnostic capabilities of RADC,
  • application of best practice guidelines, diagnostic and treatment standards from the perspective of evidence-based medicine, inclusive of conservative diagnostic and treatment methods combined with the variety of surgical and minimally invasive technologies,
  • patient treatment in the acute exacerbation of a chronic disease in a clinical setting,
  • individual program development for patients, which includes recommendations for the treatment of diagnosed diseases, prophylaxis, life style correction (diet, motion conditions, physiotherapeutic procedures), based on dynamic control and follow-up plan at medical specialists.
  • IMG_1949The department delivers medical care within the frame of compulsory medical insurance (when indicated, to patients, residing in the countryside and in the presence of appointment issued by health care facility at the place of residence), and voluntary medical insurance as a part of fee-based services.

    The organization of diagnostic and treatment process at the given department has no comparable counterpart in Russia. Its activity is directed by the therapist of superior expert category Natalia Vasil’evna Yurchuk.