At the Advisory Department, cardiologists provide assistance to patients at the age of 18 and above for the following cardiovascular diseases:

  • Arterial hypertension – diagnostics of arterial tension (AT) rise, determination the damage level of target organs using up-to-date investigation techniques, individual selection of relevant antihypertensive therapy
  • Ischemic heart disease – determination of the cause of chest pain with the use of advanced diagnostic methods, including the performance of virtual SCT coronary angiography, determination of forecast and treatment management, and the indications for surgical intervention
  • Cardiac rhythm disturbance — diagnostics of causes and the type of dysrhythmia, with the use of 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring, which includes 12-lead option, transesophageal cardiac stimulation is performed for the main indications. Individual selection of antiarrhythmic therapy under specialist’s control and ECG monitoring, the indication for the fitting of a pacemaker are based on the examination findings
  • Chronic cardiac insufficiency — determination of causes for the development of cardiac insufficiency, the degree of cardiovascular damage, therapeutic selection and adjustment
  • Cardiac defects — defect diagnostics, determination of further therapeutic management

Diagnostics of cardiac disease and the selection of therapy are performed both on day-patient basis and in a clinical setting.