RADC’s Otorhinolaryngological Service possesses up-to-date equipment to perform the diagnostics of the entire range of ENT-organ diseases.

Ear diseases

Complex diagnostics and treatment of external, middle and inner ear (acute and recurrent external otitis, chronic suppurative otitis media, otosclerosis, adhesive otitis media, neurosensory deafness etc.). For diagnostic purposes, we can employ the capabilities of microbiological laboratories with inoculation for bacterial flora, yeast-like and mold fungi, and also spiral computed tomography of temporal bones, audiometry, tympanometry, surdologist’s consultation.

Nasal diseases

Complex diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory and allergic diseases of nose and paranasal sinuses (chronic rhinitis, allergic and drug-induced rhinitis, acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, polypous rhinosinusitis, recurrent nasal hemorrhage). Differential diagnostics of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis is associated with the performance of rhinocytogram, endoscopic examination of ENT organs, SCT of paranasal sinuses. To treat chronic diseases of nasal cavity, there can be used the methods laser, ultrasound and electrosurgical intervention. The centre implements the treatment of purulent forms of rhinosinusitis by maxillary sinus puncture with the use of sinus-catheter “YAMIC”.

Throat diseases

Diagnostics and treatment of chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Inoculation for bacterial flora from throat mucosa and sensitivity to antibiotics and bacteriophages. Immunoassay at suspicion on the persistent chronic herpes viral infection and streptococcal infection (blood test for Ab to deoxyribonuclease В, blood test for ASLO). The treatment of chronic tonsillitis with the use of vacuum irrigation of lacunas and tonsils. Laser vaporization of lacunas and palatal tonsil tissue, granules of posterior pharyngeal wall, resection of benign throat neoplasms.


Otolaryngologists of Advisory Department, Shmailenko I.A. and Filonenko N.A., Lodochkina O.E. are specialized in phoniatrics. Phoniatrics represents the medical specialty focused on laryngopathy, the methods of prophylaxis and treatment of vocal apparatus. Our phoniatrist have mastered the advanced techniques of endoscopic examinations in laryngopathy: video laryngo-stroboscopy, video endoscopy of larynx. Our department can grant assistance to patients with organic and functional laryngopathy (acute and chronic laryngitis, singing nodules, vocal cord bleeding, laryngeal paresis and paralysis, vocal cord polyps and other benign laryngeal masses, different kinds of dysphonia). The determination of indications for the surgical intervention of vocal cord masses is associated with the option of hospitalization at the ENT department of RADC to undergo microendolaryngeal intervention under general anesthesia.

Pediatric ENT-pathology

Complex diagnostics and treatment of ENT-organ diseases in children (acute and chronic adenoiditis, rhinitis, tonsillopharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis, exudative otitis media in children). Visualization of the grade of adenoids and the determination of indications for adenotomy is performed with the use of small-diameter rigid optics (2.7 mm) and flexible endoscopes. In the presence of indications for adenotomy in children at the age of 5 and above, the operation is performed under endoscopic control under general anesthesia at the ENT-department of RADC. Pediatric consultation by ENT-specialists of SAI RD “RADC” is performed in patients aged 5 and older. At the age of 2, in laryngopathy and hoarseness, the examination of children who attend vocal classes are performed at the age of 8, due to the peculiarities of larynx structure. The endoscopic examination of larynx in children is performed with the use of rigid and flexible optics.


Testing of hearing in children since the first month and in adults. The performance of speech and tone audiometry, tympanometry, delays caused by otoacoustic emission. Since 2004, the functioning of ENT-service comprises the use of surgical scanning laser СО2 SURGI TOUCH at the wave length of 10.6 microns with the depth of tissue penetration not more than 60 microns (0.06 mm). All the doctors of advisory service have completed the training based on State scientific centre of laser medicine in Moscow, and mastered the technique surgical laser application in clinical practice. The use of surgical scanning laser СО2 is indicated even in those cases when conventional surgical interventions are impossible. At that there is no tissue scarring. The ambulatory practice comprises the application of electrosurgical device “PHOTECH Е80М”.

The advantages of laser and electrosurgical treatment techniques:

  • the performance of surgical intervention on in-patient basis and out-patiently;
  • under local anesthesia;
  • with no or minimum bleeding;
  • with no side effects.

Indications comprise different forms of nasal and laryngeal diseases:

  • chronic nasal hemorrhage (in the period of remission);
  • synechias and scars in nasal cavity;
  • chronic hypertrophic rhinitis;
  • nasal polyposis (when surgical treatment is impossible);
  • chronic granular pharyngitis;
  • chronic tonsillitis and the residues of palatal tonsils after the performed tonsillectomy or tonsillotomy;
  • papillomas and other benign masses in throat and nasal cavity.

Advanced equipment, high proficiency of doctors and vast diagnostic capabilities of our Centre form the complete cycle of case management in patients with ENT-pathology from disease diagnostics, day-patient treatment and preoperative investigation to surgical in-patient care and postoperative day-patient after-treatment.