Ambulatory Surgery Regional Centre

hirur1 There are situations when a surgical intervention is required, but patient cannot stay at the hospital for several days. It’s necessary to know that not all the operations require compulsory patient’s admission to a hospital.

Regional diagnostic centre can offer the alternative option — surgical treatment at Ambulatory Surgery Regional Centre. If to consider state of the art for surgical techniques, the majority of surgical diseases can be treated on an ambulatory basis or in one-day clinical setting. The operations performed at Ambulatory Surgery Regional Centre should not be associated with surgical procedures, which are performed only at outpatient institutions. The peculiarities of ambulatory surgery involve the fact that the process of patient’s rehabilitation is faster and simpler, and the high rate of guaranteed positive results is achieved due to specialists’ proficiency and the introduction of advanced surgical technologies.

Focus areas of RADC’s Ambulatory Surgery Regional Centre:


  • miniblectomy
  • – this is the removal of varicose veins through point punctures, which can be performed both under general and under local anesthesia. Due to this the patient can go home almost immediately after the operation.

    Esthetic ambulatory surgery.

    • excision of benign skin masses, subcutaneous tissues, muscles, ligaments, mucosa: papillomas, fibromas, pigmented naevi (birthmarks), cysts, atheromas, lipomas, verrugae etc. (If necessary, we perform histological processing of excised material in RADC morphological laboratory)
    • operative treatment of ingrown nail;
    • treatment of purulent skin and subcutaneous skin diseases: furuncles, abscess, festered atheromas etc.

    The excision takes place with the use of radio-wave lancet “Surgitron” — bloodless and painless during the procedure itself and in the course of postoperative period, with the formation of soft scar or even without it at all!

    Operating surgeons conduct advisory reception of patients at the age of 18 and above.

    Head of the Centre Vagner D.O.