Gynecological service maintains five advisory reception and five procedure rooms as well as the room of laser therapy and minor operating room. All the rooms are equipped with advanced equipment.

Procedure rooms are intended for patient’s examination and video colposcopy. According to the main indications, we perform sampling with subsequent bacteriological, cytological, histological and PCR investigations.

The cabinet of laser therapy and minor operating room ate intended for the performance of ambulatory-surgical manipulations: radiosurgical and electrosurgical interventions for external genital organs, vagina, uterine cervix as well as these areas laser vaporization. Minor operating room enables the implementation of hysteroscopy for patients suspected of endometrial pathology on a day-patient basis, without hospital admission.

Since 2008, RADC comprises the “Uterine Cervical Pathologies Regional Centre” where women of Rostov-on-Don and Rostov Oblast can pass examination for the main indications. The investigation is aimed to the patients with uterine cervical pathology further management determination with the assignment of the relevant treatment (including surgical) and follow-up.

The major risk factor in the progression of uterine cervical cancer is associated with human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. In 99.7% of cases, the patients with uterine cervical cancer have high oncogenic HPV types. For this reason, it is particularly topic to create the system of cervical cancer prophylaxis and the reduction of incidence among the women residing in the city and suburbs. At the Centre, this system comprises the two stages:
•the first is a risk factor prevention and vaccine prophylaxis (link to the office of vaccinal prevention)
•the second is individual monitoring programs

To HPV diagnostics we use Digene-test (DNA-diagnostics of papilloma viral infection) and real-time PCR. These tests make it possible both to perform quantitative HPV assessment of high oncogenic risk and to determine its genotype. However, the main screening procedure for the diagnostics of uterine cervical cancer at our Centre, as in the entire world, involves cytological examination. Since 2008, the RADC laboratory performs liquid-based cytology. For this purpose, once sampled material may be used not only for cytological investigation but also for the range of other tests such as: HPV-testing, immunohistological analysis.

Uterine cervical pathologies represent one of the areas in the work of RADC’s Gynecological Service. Gynecologists also resolve the issues of menstrual disorders. Patients undergo the complete set of diagnostic measures: determination or hormonal state, ultrasound diagnostics, and brain MRI.

Gynecologists of the centre consult women with premature, early menopause and climacteric syndrome. To outline indications or counter indications for hormone therapy we perform instrumental examination of breast and thyroid gland. Here also blood investigation takes place to determine genetic disposition to breast cancer and thrombotic complications. Every woman receives her own individual plan of further follow-up in the context of hormonal drug administration.

The only sphere not covered at gynecological service of the Centre is assisted reproductive technologies. There are specific centres for the given purpose.